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Graphic Design

Your brand identity is one of the most important aspects of your business because it provides the public face for your company. Matt can either create a new brand identity for you, or use your existing brand to create a harmonious digital presence for your brand.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Any great marketing strategy relies on developing a defined target market, quantitative metrics to gauge success, and an ability to identify what iterative steps need to be taken to ensure success. Matt can help you develop a strategy that works for whatever type of business you have.

Search Engine Optimization

The two types of search engine optimization (SEO) are organic and paid search, and Matt can help you develop winning results in both areas by helping you develop excellent content that people love to look for and share. He will also analyze the underlying code of your website to look for areas to improve upon.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Whether you need people to find you through google, Facebook, or any number of other pay per click (PPC) advertising, Matt will help you target the right people to get more bang for your buck with your PPC. Using landing pages, trackable links, and other metrics and best practices, Matt can just about guarantee a return on investment with your digital advertising.

Email Marketing

By far the most cost effective way to use digital marketing is by developing an email list. Why? Because once it's established, it's yours. You don't have rely on another service to take care of it and there is no barrier between you and your customers. Matt can help you develop an effective email marketing campaign that ensures your message gets to your customer and that they take action.

Web Design

Matt can design a great website for you using customized wordpress themes. Why wordpress? Because of its ease of use for you (Matt has strategy sessions with his clients to teach them what they need to know about their website) and its cost savings (wordpress websites require much less hand coding than traditionally coded websites, this means the savings are passed along to you!).

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